A Victorian judge ruled police can't grow goatee beards, because they have no meaning

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/ Getty.

Victorian police officers fighting for the right the grow beards have had their case thrown out by a the supreme court.

Since the state police authority introduced the ban on facial hair – that is all but a neat mustache – in 2012, more than 15 police officers have fought to have it overturned. Leading the appeal was Senior Constable Michael Kuyken.

Among the reasons officers had for wanting to keep their beards were: it decreased their level of attractiveness, it was against religious beliefs and they could not shave for medical reasons, according to reports from The ABC.

They also argued the ban caused them stress and anxiety and made them isolated from their peers and appealed to supreme court after the Victorian civil and administrative tribunal ruled against facial hair.

Justice Gregory Garde upheld the tribunal’s decision.

“[The tribunal] was not satisfied that a reasonable member of the public would consider that the plaintiff’s goatee imparts any information or ideas such as his desire to be an individual rather than an automaton,” he said.

“The tribunal was not satisfied that having a goatee imparts any information or ideas, or conveys any meaning at all.”

He officially ruled no error in law had been made.

The hirsute police perhaps haven’t been reading Business Insider, because if they had they would have known that the beard trend is over and it’s time to shave.

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