A Japanese boy who went missing for six days after being put out of the car has been found alive

Yamato Tanooka. Looks like everyone learned a lesson. Picture: Supplied

A seven-year-old boy who went missing a week ago after being put out of the car by his parents has been found.

Yamato Tanooka has been the subject of a huge search effort which included Japan’s military on Hokkaido Island.

There were fears he had been taken by wild bears after his parents left him on the roadside to punish him for throwing stones at cars and people.

The distraught parents originally told police they had lost him on a trek, but soon admitted they were simply trying to discipline him.

They said they returned “minutes later” to find their little boy has disappeared.

That was six days ago, and hopes were all but dashed for Yamato being found alive until he turned up this morning in a military barracks in Shikabe, a nearby town.

The barracks are about 7km from where Yamato had been left.

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