A Janitor Gets To Keep The $80,000 He Found In A Channel Nine Bathroom

A janitor gets to keep $80,000 he found in a bathroom (Photo: Getty)

A Melbourne Magistrate has ruled that a janitor who found $100,000 in cash while cleaning a bathroom at a Channel Nine office should get to keep most of the money.

Chamindu Amarsinghe found the huge sum stuffed into a sanitary bin in the bathroom. He alerted his supervisor who called the police. They launched an investigation, but no one came forward to collect the money.

This week Magistrate Michael Smith said: “There’s no reason why such honesty should go unrewarded.”

Amarsinghe, who now works at a fast food restaurant in New Zealand and is studying IT, was informed he would receive $81,597. The remainder of the money will go to the state.

There’s more here.

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