A Huge M&A Consolidation In The Blimp Market Just Happened — Today's Ad Brief


Photo: American Blimp Corp.

Van Wagner, the outdoor and billboard ad company, just made the world’s largest blimp acquisition, in a deal for two linked blimp ad companies. In one fell swoop, The Lightship Group and the American Blimp Corporation are off the market, dreamers! Financials were not disclosed.Microsoft’s Rik van Der Kooi says the company will not abandon advertising: “For the record, we are not retrenching on our commitment to build a leading digital advertising business at Microsoft.” Also, Microsoft has renamed its adCenter platform Bing Ads, link per AgencySpy.

Dairy Queen put its $77 million account in review after 15 years with Grey New York.

Bud Light has new work out from Translation.

Kohler: The company that thinks you should use the bathroom in full view of the City of Los Angeles.

Adspend: Marketers spent $34.4 billion on advertising in the second quarter of the year, a meager 0.9% increase over the equivalent period a year earlier, according to Kantar Media’s latest report. Year-over-year ad spending had increased 2.6% in the first quarter.

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