Two people have been charged after a huge brawl broke out in Sydney's CBD this morning

Screenshot. Photo: Nine News.

Two men have been charged and issued with infringement notices after a brawl involving more than 200 people broke out in Sydney’s CBD early this morning.

Police were called to Central Street shortly before 3am Sunday morning “following reports of anti-social behaviour from a group leaving a licensed premise”.

When officers from the Sydney City Local Area Command arrived at the scene, they saw several men “jostling with each other”. Three men ran away from the scene while another was detained and then later released.

“There were a sequence of small brawls running down George Street and there were probably 200 people overall involved in brawling but they were in small pockets,” Inspector Stuart Leggat told the ABC.

“There were a group of people from a particular ethnic background and they were arguing with one another and jostling one another and it’s all stemmed from that.”

Police reports say that the “anti-social behaviour” also allegedly took place on Central Street, Pitt Street and George Street.

“Additional police from Kings Cross Local Area Command and Surry Hills Local Area Command were called in to help disperse several affray incidents involving about 30 people and move crowds from the area,” read a statement by NSW Police.

According to Nine News, people were throwing punches while police tried to break up the fight which lasted around 40 minutes. Ambulance officers were at the scene to tend to those injured in the brawl.

The two men arrested, aged 24 and 18, were taken to Kings Cross Police Station and issued with Field Court Attendance Notices for assault police and resist police.

They are expected to appear before court early next month.

Another two men were issued with criminal infringement notices for offensive behaviour.

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