A huge Apple building in Mesa, Arizona was just on fire

A massive Apple data center in Mesa, Arizona was on fire today, as reported by local news station ABC 15.


The fire was limited to solar panels above the building, and never actually got inside, according to that report. As many as 50 people had to be evacuated, but nobody was hurt. 100 firefighters are on the scene, according to a tweet by ABC15 anchor Justin Pazera

It’s currently unknown what exactly started the fire, which local fire crews were able to get under control in 35 minutes and completely put out soon after.

The solar panels on the building were part of a deal Apple had with the local community to provide power to 14,000 local homes. Just this past February, Apple committed $US2 billion to renovating the facility over 10 years, turning it into a “command center” for its global operations. 

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