There's A Horrible Hoax Involving Intel And The Israeli/Gaza Conflict Going Around

Intel ceo brian krzanich at ces 2014APIntel CEO Brian Krzanich

Someone has sent out a fake but official-looking press release trying to drag Intel into the Israeli/Gaza conflict.

“It’s a hoax,” Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy told us.

Intel is being targeted because it’s a huge employer in Israel and is in the process of building a $US6 billion facility there.

The fake press release falsely announces that Intel is suspending those investments. And the people perpetrating the hoax are going all out to make it look official. Not only have they set up a spoof website that looks like Intel’s real PR site, but they have a guy answering the phone number included in the press release.

We called the number and a man with an American accent answered, “Hello?” We asked him if he was Intel PR and he said he was and then tried to convince us that the news was real. He told us, “We’re not closing anything in Isreal, we’re just putting on hold for now our investment. It will very likely go through in a few months.” He told us “we are trying to get ahead of ourselves” so Intel wouldn’t suffer from “negative opinion.”

Intel is investigating the incident. In the meantime, if you read reports about Intel condemning one side or another between Israel and Gaza, don’t believe it.

Spoofed Intel press website on Thursday:

REAL Intel press site on Thursday:

FAKE press release:

HOAX: Intel To Suspend Investments in Israel Due to Assault on Gaza

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS:- Intel is suspending previous plans to invest an additional $US6 billion in Intel’s Kiryat Gat facility in Israel until further notice.

– Intel will conduct a reevaluation of its business relationship with Israel to ensure compliance with Intel’s stated Code of Conduct guidelines and Corporate Responsibility goals.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 7, 2014 — Intel CEO Brian Krzanich today announced the suspension of a previous decision to invest an additional $US6 billion in Intel’s Kiryat Gat facility in Israel and that a reevaluation of its business relationship with Israel will be conducted. The review will help to ensure compliance to Intel’s stated Code of Conduct guidelines and Corporate Responsibility goals.

“Intel takes seriously our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. “We view corporate citizenship as the relationship forged between Intel, the communities in which we operate and society in general. At Intel, corporate citizenship is firmly anchored in our corporate values.”

Intel’s Code of Conduct serves as a compass that guides the actions of employees, directors, and business partners, ensuring consistent and uncompromising integrity as we build trusted relationships around the world. Intel is also a United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) LEAD member. The first two UNGC Principles are regarding human rights.

Intel releases an annual Corporate Responsibility Report. “For us,corporate responsibility means achieving business success in ways that demonstrate respect for people and the planet and uphold the values and high standards of ethics expressed in our Human Rights Principles and our environmental health and safety policies,” adds Krzanich. “In all our activities, we need to uphold Intel’s long-standing, global reputation as a role model for socially responsible behaviour.”

Intel Israel is the country’s largest private-sector employer. Mooly Eden is Intel Israel president and is also in support of the decision. He is confident that Intel Israel is “here to stay”, despite the investment

suspension. Eden has been speaking to Israeli government officials over the past weeks regarding its military policy and the negative attention it brings to the country and those businesses that operate within. “Intel has consistently been recognised as one of the world’s leading corporate citizens and most ethical companies,” states Eden. “Our commitment to doing the right thing runs deep in our corporate culture. We don’t view corporate responsibility as a fad or marketing scheme.”

The Kiryat Gat facility is only 15 miles from the northern Gaza Strip. Reports of the destruction and loss of life resulting from Israel’s recentassault on Gaza, in addition to the blockade that Israel has imposed on

the people of Gaza for the past several years is not something that

business leaders can continue to ignore.

Further details on Intel Israel’s business evaluations will be released in

the coming weeks.


Nick Veritas

Intel Corporate, Assistant Director

Communications & Public Affairs

+1 408 805 0679

[email protected]

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