A Hong Kong Designer Shares His Tips For Cheap Feng Shui

A lifetime of living in tight quarters led Hong Kong architect Gary Chang to transform the 360-square apartment his family has owned for years into a space-saving, futuristic living room.

In the video below, Chang pushes back a well-stocked library shelf to reveal a fold-out bed, while a 2-meter wide kitchen unfolds behind the TV. It’s incredibly chic and simple, which led us to wonder why New York City hasn’t caught on. 

In the same way NYC is known for its astronomical rents and tight spaces, Hong Kong rents are just as bad and families living on top of one another it not uncommon. However, there are ways to use the space economically.  

In an interview with AsiaSociety, Chang offered some hard-won wisdom to apartment dwellers in need of some cheap feng shui: 

“Blur the boundaries between different zones and organise the space by carefully considering what one really needs and the priority of use … and never pile up stuff onto the floor. Once you start, you will very soon realise that you have less and less space to move around and you will ultimately live in a ‘storeroom’ largely occupied by your belongings.” 

Watch the video here:

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