Meet Amelia Pond: 'Vice president of future Google relations with Apple'

Fake Amanda PondsLinkedInFake Amelia Pond

In December, computer security company Symantec published a dire warning about hackers using fake LinkedIn accounts.

Symantec warned that hackers are using fake accounts as a way to gather information about business professionals to use in some unknown but presumably nefarious way, such as a “social engineering” attack, where hackers trick you into revealing passwords, or clicking on malware.

Amelia Pond’s LinkedIn account, while clearly fake, does not appear to be have been created for such nefarious ends.

Instead, she serves as a reminder that there are a lot of really funny people in the tech world, lurking in unexpected places, waiting to make you laugh.

Pond is 'Vice president of future Google relations with Apple.' Apple and Google used to be best buddies, but that blew up when Google's then CEO Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple's board and Android took on the iPhone. But hey, with Pond in there, and a little help from a famous time-travelling doctor, there's always hope, right?

LinkedIn/Amanda Pond

This is Pond's experience. She's been in the role for a long time. And her best skill is eCPR, sometimes referred as virtual triage. It's particularly potent against psychosomatic injuries.


This is Pond's educational background that uniquely qualifies her for the job. Hogwarts is a particularly hard school to get into (and an even harder school to find). Its entry exam involves running as fast as you can into a brick wall at the King's Cross Station.


Another unique qualification the Google/Apple liaison needs is mastery of many languages. Pond's not only knows English, Russian, French and Spanish but can interpret even the most difficult Business dialects and can translate them into Dongo-Bungo


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