A helicopter pilot who fell into a crevasse in Antarctica has died

Pilot David Wood. Image: James Moloney/Australian Antarctic Division

A helicopter pilot injured on a remote ice shelf near Australia’s Davis research station has died.

David Wood, aged 62, who lives in Canada, was employed by Helicopter Resources and was working with the Australian Antarctic program.

The incident happened late Monday night when two helicopters were loading fuel to a depot about 90 nautical miles north east of Davis station.

On landing, one pilot fell 20 metres into a crevasse. The second pilot couldn’t get him out so he flew back to Davis station for help.

Wood died later at Davis station.

Nick Gales, the director of the Australian Antarctic Division, says Wood was a respected colleague and friend to many in the Australian Antarctic program.

Wood had more than 30 years experience as a pilot and had worked extensively in both the Antarctic and Arctic.

The body will be returned to Australia.

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