A Hedge Fund Has Taken A Position In Billabong As A Lot Of Big Names Sell Out Of It


Reported by the Australian Financial Review, hedge fund Centerbridge Partners has bought $80 million worth of Billabong debt from Westpac and HSBC.

Photo: Getty/Spencer Platt

According to sources quoted in the article, it is likely to be an opportunistic purchase, and Centerbridge probably won’t hold the position long-term.

Westpac would be the second major bank to sell out of Billabong, after the Commonwealth Bank last week sold $65 million worth of Billabong’s debt to Bank of ­America Merrill Lynch.

“My sense is this will not be a debt for equity swap and go down the road of Nine (Entertainment Co) and Centro,” said one unnamed banking source.

“The funds are buying into the ­company based on a recap plan. I don’t think they will be long-term holders.”

It was also reported that representatives of the buy-out firm negotiating with Billabong over the sale of its assets, Altamont Capital Partners, are in Australia until Wednesday.

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