A Guy Tried To Burn Down A Home Depot To Save His Friend's Hardware Store

home depotThis is not the Home Depot in question.

Photo: By therefore on Flickr

Some people really don’t like Home Depot. As a matter of fact some people hate Home Depot.Apparently one of those guys has a friend who owns a struggling hardware store. 

That guy lives in Tacoma, Washington, and on May 14th he tried to burn down his local Home Depot, according to a story first reported by SeattlePI.com.

From the article:

“I am upset with Home Depot because they are making business difficult for my friend,” Randol Stebner said in a written confession, according to charging documents. “I know there are people in the store now,” he continued. “I don’t want to hurt them, but I have to get their mother (expletive) attention. I only set one fire, but I want to set a couple more.”

Charged with attempted arson, Stebner is accused of lighting a small paper bag on fire near the Home Depot loading dock, then attempting to start another fire in an adjacent wooded area. Neither fire really took; both were extinguished before firefighters arrived.

He sounds like a very loyal friend. The kind of guy you’d like having your back in say, a bar-fight. But he’s also the kind of guy you never really want to introduce to your co-workers. Or your parents. 

Cause you know, there was that time he tried to burn down a Home Depot that was full of people. That one is kind of hard to explain.

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