A Guy In An Australian Mining Town Used A Light Plane To Drive To The Pub

The wingless plane parked outside the Newman Pub. Source: WA Police

Western Australian police are scanning the law books to see if a man, described as a “local character”, will be charged after he used a light plane to taxi down the main street of a Pilbara mining town to get to the pub on Friday afternoon.

The 37-year-old local man parked the wingless Beechcraft single engine two-seater aircraft outside the Newman Hotel about 2.30pm in what The West Australian newspaper says may have been a Halloween prank.

The bloke parked the plane outside the pub, then went in for a drink. Police arrived soon after and questioned him – he passed a breath test – with Newman police Sgt Mark Garner saying they were investigating whether if an offence had been committed. Police have CCTV footage of the incident and the plane was towed from the carpark. Newman, is about 1200km north of Perth, and home to more than 4000 people.

WA Police showed a sense of humour in dealing with the incident.

Perhaps it’s something in the water in Australia’s west, since the weekend also saw a 26-year-old jumped into the ocean to climb aboard a dead whale surrounded by feasting sharks.

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