Facebook Needs Help Surviving The Suburbs


Facebook is moving to a new headquarters on May 14. They’ll be leaving their cozy downtown Palo Alto confines for a spread in the Stanford Research Park.

Because no one likes change — especially change from a hip urban environment to suburban sprawl — we’ve decided to help our friends at Facebook figure out the new neighbourhood, listing the places for them to shop and hang out within 2 miles of the new digs.

For starters, we’ll use the best advice Yelp can give us. But we’d rather Facebook’s actual new neighbours fill us in. Offer tips in the comments or email them to [email protected] and we’ll update the post with your recommendations.

Best sushi restauaruant: Jin Sho. Map

454 S California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 321-3454 www.jinshorestaurant.comReview:

Freshest fish I’ve had in the bay area.  Better than my a la carte experience in Kaygetsu.

Toro tartar w/ caviar was delicious, as was the kanpachi sashimi, and all the sushi.  The toro, snapper, and trout really stood out.  

The kobe beef tataki was pretty good.  It was real japanese waygu, so it was about 70%-80% fat and 20% protein.  Again, I’m not as big of a fan of japanese waygu as the American waygu/angus hybrids, but it was still delicious.  

I recommend getting the omakase, but go w/ at least the $75 for the better quality fish.  

The black cod was pretty good, but I thought it was a little too sweet and needed some rice, which was not provided.  Mine came with a small sliver of seared foie gras, which was surprisingly not very good.  I just don’t know if it went with the fish very well, and needed a few grains of salt to cut down the the slight bitterness.

Overall, if you’re looking for some really good sushi in the area, definitely come here.  Also, sit at the sushi bar if you want a good show (we saw a whole lobster being deconstructed for our lobster roll, which was also really good).

Best tacos: Taqueria El Grullense. Map

3636 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 251-9317 elgrullensepaloalto.com/
Review:On any given evening, you’ll find a line for these fine tacos. They are not your typical run for the border type of Mexican tacos. With a wonderful assortment of meats wrapped in little mini tortilla shells, one could eat a half dozen and call it a night. When the place is too crowded with Stanford students, Doc and I will get take out and enjoy the deliciousness from the comfort of our couch as the dog drools in jealousy. Seriously, for a buck 30 five you can spare the taste test. Just don’t wear open toe shoes. The floors are sticky.

Best coffee shop: Palo Alto Cafe. Map.

2675 Middlefield Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 322-8644
Review:This is a great community-based cafe! The owner, Kevin, is a very nice guy. They have lots of outlets all around the room for your laptops. No large tables, but quite a few small tables that fit up to 2 people. There’s even a nice sofa area in the corner.

They  must make their own coffee in house because there was this huge machine that had tons of coffee bags all around. There’s a bar that goes around the coffee machine too. The wi-fi here is free and works well; no password required.

I ordered a caffe latte and it was perfect! Make sure you bring cash because that’s all they accept.

Best afterwork bar: Dan Brown’s. Map.

2675 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 322-8644Review:

Good Ol’ Dan Browns. This is the best dive bar i have been to in south bay. It really has a homey feeling, like you are just hangin out with Dan at his house, which has pool tables, video games, air hockey and programmable jukebox! So fun. The bartenders are very nice and always joking around which makes you feel right at home. During happy hour they have $2 PBS and $2 wells, which is fair, very fair. I like coming here because there are so many things to keep me entertained, instead of staring down my beer glass. There are many TV’s, videos games, pool, air hockey, outdoor patio, pac man, and karaoke, its a great place to pass a few hours with good friends. Heck, everyone there is friendly, even the old regulars. Yes they may seem creepy, but what bar fly’s aren’t a lil creepy? ya know?

One of my favourite hang outs in Palo Alto, and if you go… try the Panini Club sandwich (Dan makes a god-send of a sandwich there…)

Best book store: Know Knew Books. Map.

415 S California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 326-9355Review:

If you like the smell of old musty books, check  out this secret cool spot stacked with sky high shelves filled with dusty used fiction, non-fiction, history, art, biographies, how-to books, Captain Planet toys, classic Mork and Mindy memorabilia (DO NOT EAT THE GUM!) and much much more!

Hidden amongst these forgotten paperbacks are  hard cover originals autographed by the likes of JK Rowlings, Micheal Crichton (may he rest) and many others!

The owner of this quaint little nook may stay open later if he notices a couple of customers enjoying themselves in his store. Enthusiatically (if you ask)  he’ll show you his fav collectibles, priceless possessions and  autographed memorabilia as well as find reasons to trigger nostalgia in you.

Fun date night spot to regress and get lost in for an hour.

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