A group of Star Wars fans recreated an epic dogfight between X-wings and TIE fighters with drones

Picture: CorridorDigital/YouTube

If you’re into Star Wars, and you’re into drones, this is the perfect day out you’ve been looking for.

A group of drone enthusiasts just released a video of a Star Wars dogfight filmed in a way “that’s never been done before”. It combines a real dogfight, 3D printing, a touch of CGI – and X-wings and TIE fighters.

The results are spectacular:

The sequence was created by CorridorDigital, who have racked up nearly half a billion views on YouTube releasing videos of Nerf battles, “real” video game moments and the delightful “Mario Skate”.

Amazing choreography and effects aside, there’s some seriously impressive piloting skills on display as well:

You can watch the full dogfight here:

And if you want to see how they did it, there’s this 20-minute “Making of” video to accompany the release:

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