Cat Fight At The SEC's New Office!

A union raised the full alarm because some people inside the SEC didn’t get the offices they wanted in their new DC building.

The union filed a national grievance because when the SEC switched offices, they didn’t adhere to the SEC’s proper “seniority” rules when letting people choose their offices.

Well, technically, they did get to choose the offices by seniority, but the trial unit was apparently under the impression that they’re more important than they actually are at the SEC.

The trial unit attorneys feel shafted because there’s a loophole by which employees were divided up into groups of 1,250 employees and told that they had to work out the office arrangements seniority-wise within those groups.

The trial unit considers itself a unit, but it didn’t get recognised as one, so they didn’t get any of the good offices. 

The blame is being pinned on Michael Martens, the trial unit’s new boss and the new head of the litigation unit, because the way he runs the unit is, he wants all of his underlings close to top management in order to “micromanage” and “closely supervise” them.

Makes sense, given some people’s internet habits at work.

Obviously, the disrespectful snub was taken very seriously and brought all the way to the top of the SEC.

And so what started as a happy moment, the SEC’s moving into their Washington, DC office, ended with a cry baby sesh/cat fight when SEC employees were told to negotiate for office space with a union. 

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