A Greens senator just accused Pauline Hanson of 'doing ISIS’s work for them'

Pauline Hanson in the senate

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has accused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson of “doing ISIS’s work for them”.

During a live interview with Sunrise this morning, Hanson-Young said Hanson’s burqa stunt puts Australia at an increased risk of a terror attack.

“The next attack in Australia will be on your head,” said Hanson-Young.

“Acts and stunts like this only serve to incite more violence and hatred from extremists on both sides, and I think that is extremely dangerous and not fit for somebody who wants to sit in parliament…

“You are doing ISIS’s work for them. It is extremely dangerous; you are putting the entire country at risk. You say that you are worried about peoples security yet you have refused to listen to the advice of the experts.”

Pauline Hanson said she was simply starting a debate about the dress code for parliament, which currently has no requirements.

“When we go to vote the vote is taken on facial recognition so it shouldn’t be (allowed) on the floor of parliament in the first place,” Hanson said.

“It is a security risk, I was not checked through the parliament when I walked down the stairs.”

Last week the One Nation leader appeared in the Australian senate wearing a burqa and ask about banning the burqa in Australia “in light of national security”.

She request was immediately shutdown and the attorney-general George Brandis told her she was “appalling” in a scathing speech which was greeted by an extended applause and standing ovation from the chamber.

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