Europeans Use Social Media In Greater Percentages Than Americans

Although only 77% of Italy’s Internet users are on social media, they spend more time on it each month (567 minutes average per person) than any other European nation.

That points to a great opportunity for social media growth in Italy, as more online audiences are recruited by social networks.

It’s a glimpse at how social media usage differs throughout Europe. comScore shared the August 2013 data with BI Intelligence after we published a recent report on social media demographics.

In Turkey, social media is used by 96% of Internet users (the greatest per cent reach of any European nation), who each spend an average 440 minutes on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The per cent of a nation’s Internet population using social media does not always correlate with time-spend. For example, in Ireland, 94% of the Internet population is on social media, but each visitor spends just 210 minutes with social media each month, on average (the second-lowest amount in Europe).

For a comparison, in the U.S., just 72% of Internet users are on social media. So in general European Internet markets have adopted social media in greater percentages. One notable exception is Germany, where only 70% of online Germans have adopted it.

Download the chart and data in Excel.

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