This Email Will Give You Hope That Some Companies Still Care About Customer Service

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Retailers are constantly criticised for their lack of caring.Call a customer service line and you get a robo-voice. Pester them in a store and you get an attitude. Send them an email and be told that there’s nothing they can do.

Still, customer service isn’t dead.

Customer service rating company STELLAService unearthed a fantastic note in its recent study on the quality of email responses.

A customer asked a few simple questions to the customer service folks at online retailer Wayfair: “Do I really need both a blender and a food processor, what is the difference? Can I put everything in a blender?”

If only everyone on the other side of the customer service line was like the guy who responded to him:

Thanks for contacting Wayfair. I’d be happy to help you with your question about blenders and food processors.

What’s the difference between a blender and food processor or are they the same type of appliance? Can you use a blender the same as you would use a food processor? Answer: While they do have some similarities and there are combination blender/processor units on the market, a blender and food processor are two distinct counter appliances. A blender’s main function is to blend or mix soft foods and liquids, while a food processor’s is to chop, shred, grate, slice or mix either soft or hard foods. The narrow shape of the blender and the design of the blade make it more suitable for blending soft foods and liquids. But, depending on the blade and power, there are some blenders that can crush or shave ice to blend it into frozen drinks. A food processor has a wider work bowl and very sharp blade designed more for chopping foods, and can usually perform various other processing tasks depending on the types of accessories (slicing/shredding disks) that are included with the unit. However, there are some blenders that are designed with a unique blade for both blending and chopping, and there are immersion-type stick blenders that have convenient chopper attachments.

To make a long story short, it depends on what you are using it for.  Sometimes a blender works fine for everything you want.  See the many selections we have at:

Blenders and Food processors.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! You can reach me by responding directly to this e-mail. Thank you for shopping with Wayfair.


Roger S.

It doesn’t get more detailed than that. This rep devoted a few minutes to a simple question, and delivered a well thought out near-academic lecture on the topic. 

Refreshing, for once. This sort of thing should be expected, and there should be consequences if it’s not provided. Yet, consumers settle for less.

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