A Grand Time For VIPs

As it turns out, a declining market doesn’t hurt strip clubs at all. Chelsea’s V.I.P. club says business is up, and 80% of their patrons are Wall Street types. Things are going so well that VIP has introduced the most ridiculous thing ever: the $1000 lap dance.

Here’s how the New York Times describes the Grand Dance:

In a moment of shrewd business, perhaps, Mr. Zherka and the club decided to introduce a premium product: the $1,000 lap dance package.

The package will buy a 20-minute lap dance, a bottle of Dom Pérignon and a private Champagne room. Not to mention, as Mr. Zherka did, they also “get to keep the girl’s G-strings.”

Of course, at the standard price $20 a dance, you could get a 20-minute lap dance for around $150.  So you’re basically paying $850 for champagne and underwear.

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