A Lutheran Pastor Is Leading The Newest Campaign Against Fracking


Fracking is a controversial topic, and now a Lutheran pastor has taken an interesting stance against the drilling technique, claiming the Bible says we shouldn’t frack (via Pittsburgh Tribune Review ).

“I don’t believe Jesus would be fracking anywhere,” Reverend Leah Schade, pastor of the United in Christ Church in Union County, told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Schade, who wore a patch that read “WWJF – Where Would Jesus Frack,” said, “God put human beings into the Garden to till it and keep it, not drill and poison it,” referring to Genesis 2:15.

Hydraulic fracturing, most commonly known as fracking, “is a process used in oil and natural gas drilling that injects a mixture of sand and water into the cracks of rock formations to create fissures that allow more oil and gas to be extracted,” according to the news release from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (via Pocono Record). 

The mixture of sand and water also contains chemicals and EPA report has connected fracking to contaminating water

Earlier last year, a well operated by Chesapeake Energy exploded and contaminated Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania.

Protestors like Schade have opposed fracking of Marcellus Shale  in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

While Governor Chris Christie banned fracking for one year this past august, Reuters predicts that the New York three-year ban could be lifted in the coming months.