One golf tournament is taking the internet by storm with a radical idea: walk-up music

In today’s era of constant entertainment and shortening attention spans, golf tournament organisers have been forced to find new ways to connect with fans — and the Tour’s Digital Ally Open may have stumbled upon the best method yet.

It all started with a tweet sent on Wednesday morning by former PGA Tour regular Scott Langley.

Walk-up music is a mainstay in Major League Baseball — fans love it when their favourite players showcase some personality with a catchy tune before each at bat — but this is relatively uncharted territory for golf. Fans and fellow players immediately weighed in with their suggestions for Langley.

Of course, there’s a catch — only the player who knocks his ball the closest will get to hear his song as he walks up the 17th green. It’s a fun way to spice up a tournament with a field of relative unknowns.

If you’re wondering about Langley’s decision, he ultimately deferred to his daughter’s judgement — though fellow pro Kelly Kraft also got a shout out.

The Digital Ally Open started on Friday and will continue throughout the weekend.