This Chinese Company Made A Perfect Replica Of The IPad Mini In Gold


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When Apple released the iPhone 5S, it added a new colour to the mix: Champagne gold.

It’s a surprisingly nice colour for the iPhone, and it was the hardest to get when the 5S first hit the market.

When Apple introduced the iPad Mini with Retina a few months later, it skipped the gold colour. The reason, supposedly, was that Apple didn’t think gold would look good on a bigger device.

Well, we’ve just seen a gold iPad, and we disagree! It doesn’t look that bad at all!

Deep in recesses of the convention center at mobile industry conference MWC, we found a Chinese manufacturer with a knock-off iPad Mini with a gold backing.

Maysun, is a Shenzhen-based company founded in 2008. It had a tiny booth. The people in the booth didn’t speak much English, or at least they weren’t much interested in talking to us since we had no plans to buy phones in bulk, or have them manufacture phones for us.

So, details are light! All we know is that Maysunm had a phone that looked exactly like the Google Nexus 5, except it said “Brand” on the back. It also had some phones that look like Samsung phones, and it had these gold iPad Mini clones.

The complete specs of this fake iPad are on Maysun’s website. It runs Android, of course.

And here are the Nexus 5 look alikes:

A real Nexus 5 for reference:

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