A Gigantic Stanley Cup Near Madison Square Garden Is The Worst New York Sports Jinx Since Patrick Ewing

With the NHL playoffs set to begin tonight, NBC Sports unveiled a two-story tall Stanley Cup in Times Square today. The trophy will double as a water fountain so that fans can “drink from the Cup.”

Of course, Times Square is just blocks from Madison Square Garden, which is home to the New York Rangers, one of the favourites to win this year’s Stanley Cup.

And for a team that has won just one Cup in the last 72 years (1993-94), you would think the city would want to avoid anything that might be misconstrued as a “guarantee.” After all, this is the same city, and the same arena where Patrick Ewing famously guaranteed victory in the 2000 playoffs, before losing to the Indiana Pacers.

Stanley Cup water fountain

Photo: Twitter (@stevelepore)

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