A German Company Has Created A Way To Beam Ads Through Windows Into Your Brain

Sleeping on train

Sky Deutschland, the German unit of TV provider Sky, and an advertising company called BBDO have invented an insane new technology that broadcast ads directly into people’s brains.

It uses something called “bone conduction technology” which transmits sound to the inner ear by passing vibrations through the skull, reports the BBC’s Leo Kelion. That makes it seem like the sound is coming from inside your head.

Sky tested it with a campaign called the Talking Window where they attached a special transmitter to the windows of a train. When passengers leaned against the window to nap or rest, they heard a voice urging them to download the Sky Go smartphone app.

A video of the Talking Window was shown off at the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes last month and posted to YouTube. Not everyone was thrilled with the idea.

“Bad to the bone. No place to rest your weary head. A sleep deprivation technology. It should not be permitted on public transit,” one commenter wrote.

According to the project’s website, Sky has big plans to roll out Talking Windows. Here’s the video of Talking Windows in action.


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