A 'gentle turn' by 'human hands on the controls' likely behind the disappearance of MH 370 mystery

A “gentle turn” by “human hands on the controls” is a likely explanation behind the disappearance of MH370 in March last year.

The Australian reports aviation experts have come to the conclusion after exhausting all other possibilities.

Such a manoeuvre away from its planned course would not have been felt by passengers on board.

The development follows the discovery of a piece of plane wreckage on French-owned Indian Ocean island of Reunion, believed to be a part of a Boeing 777 – the same model as the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared, and a washed up suitcase which might have been from the plane.

The wreckage will be sent to France for investigation.

In a radio interview with 2SM this morning prime minister Tony Abbott said the development was “the most encouraging sign so far”.

“Let’s hope this does turn out to be the first bit of specific evidence for the whereabouts of the plane,” he said.

“We have long thought it went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean and, at last, it seems that we may be on the verge of some confirmation.

“We do have a high degree of confidence that we know the arc in which the plane disappeared. Now, I presume that if this wreckage does turn out to be from a Boeing 777 that the analysts will do their best with regression work to try to work out exactly where it came from. Now, I don’t know how accurate that will be but I dare say it will give us some more evidence and it might enable us to further refine the search area, it might.”

The Australian has more.

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