The entire Apple Watch event through the funniest tweets

Apple Watch EventApple Live StreamTim Cook holds a new gold MacBook

On Monday, Apple wowed the tech world again by showing off its new laptops and smartwatch.

The best way to do an Apple event like this is to watch Twitter during it. Naturally, the #AppleLive hashtag was trending with hundreds of tweets, some of them really funny. It’s like having a comedy act in one ear while Apple CEO Tim Cook talks in the other.

Here are some of the best tweets that made us chuckle or nod:

On the new MacBook, which comes in a Gold version:

On all the ways that Apple VP of marketing Phil Schiller was talking up wireless connectivity on the new MacBook:

On Schiller’s looooong discussion of the new “terraced” custom-shaped battery for the MacBook, plus his fashion choices:

On how people were feeling about the new MacBook:

 On how people were feeling about all the rest of the new products:

On Tim Cook’s prolific use of superlatives to describe all the new Apple products:

On the kinds of pictures people will REALLY draw on the Apple Watch (warning: linked pic is NSFW):

 On how Apple one-ups itself every year:

On Tim Cook’s lackluster on-stage interview with supermodel Christy Turlington Burns, who used the Apple Watch to train to run marathons.

On Turlington-Burns running a race with the Watch:

 On the $US10,000 price tag for the gold Apple Watch.

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