A French photographer parodies the fashion industry in a series of brilliant photos

Photo: Nathalie Croquet/ Instagram.

How would the average woman look if they replaced models in high fashion campaigns?

In her Spoof series, French photographer and journalist, Nathalie Croquet, recreates high fashion advertisements from brands such as Givenchy, Isabel Marant and Lanvin.

The project, which she documents on Instagram, sees Croquet in the shoes of models such as Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen nailing their exact style and pose.

Her previous experience as a photo editor meant she was able to go the whole way in producing professional shots which mimicked those of high-end adverts.

“Women, consumption, retouching, cosmetics, aging, beauty, those all come to mind, but truly those issues are up for debate,” she told Buzzfeed.

“I feel people need a more spiritual approach to life, and good fun,” she said. “I’m happy to give them that, even if I’m just making fun of myself.”

The results are both telling and hilarious.

Here are some of the pictures from her project below.

1. Lancôme

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

2. Lanvin

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

3. Givenchy

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

4. Acne Studios

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

5. Sonia Rykiel

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

6. Etam

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

7. Paule Ka

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

8. Isabel Marant

Photo: @nathaliecroquet

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