A French artist just thanked a 12-tonne boulder for letting him spend a week inside it

Abraham Poincheval gets his rock on. Picture: Getty Images

French artist Abraham Poincheval needed help as he emerged from a 12-tonne boulder he had just spent a week inside.

But he enjoyed every minute.

“I would like to thank it,” Poincheval said. “It made me so welcome.”

Even by Poincheval’s standards, it was an extreme stunt, although he would probably prefer it called an “installation”.

In the past, he has lived inside a stuffed bear, spent 20 days underground trying to figure what it was like to be a mole, and slept for a night in a cave with hundreds of mosquitos.

Tom Green fans have seen this one before: Picture: Getty Images

But seven days inside the rock, in which he had carved a hole just big enough to hold him in a seated position, was as much a challenge as it was illuminating.

“I felt I was a stone at the side of a path and at night I was a much wilder rock,” he told AFP. He said he had “some huge moments when I lost myself”.

Hundreds of people watched Poincheval at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris via an infrared camera.

He survived on water, soup and dried meat and stored his excrement in bottles around him.

“It’s like tripping,” he said.

Later this month, he’ll sit on a dozen eggs for weeks, trying to hatch them.

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