A founder of the controversial 'male-only' co-working space wrote a bizarre blog post discussing 'men's issues'

Screenshot: Nomadic Thinkers/ Facebook.

The guys behind the male-only co-working space, Nomadic Thinkers, have landed themselves in hot water.

Firstly for their exclusive, men-only segregation, and secondly for their position on how they think such a group can help in the complex matter of domestic violence.

While these issues have only come to light following Junkee’s article yesterday, it appears the guys behind Nomadic Thinkers had a bizarre blog discussing men’s issues long before.

But since the controversy arose, the men have taken the blog down, or at least made it restricted access.

Screenshot/ Sarah Kimmorley.

Business Insider found a cached version of a blog post titled: WHY THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR MEN IN THE WEST, published by founder Matthew Mercer on October 11.

In the post Mercer discusses the topic “Reject toxic women & find a quality one”, in which he says: “A man needs his own house in order before he can influence others.”

“Another way of looking at this is taking a proactive role in leadership in your relationship setting ground rules at the beginning is vital. But how do you get to that point? If you are well versed with ROK and other manosphere blogs the best way you can do this is by increasing your sexual marketplace value,” it goes on.

“Start actively working your way into a place where you no longer require full-time employment to sustain your living. Small business, startups or self-employed they are all better options.

“Given the cards are now stacked against you in the workplace with the younger generation entering the workplace perplexed by the rhetoric about the ever present patriarchy when in their context women are earning more than men. Not to mention the gatekeepers in HR where a candidate is selected because of their sex over their merit for number’s sake to have a gender diverse workforce.”

It ends with: “The age old adage there is strength in numbers rings true… Simply put we launch men in business and life. Reclaim masculinity and build our society not just online through great blogs like ROK but in your real life also.”

See it in full here.

Screenshot/ Sarah Kimmorley.

Today Nomadic Thinkers released a statement apologising for making it seem “that we trivialise the significance of domestic violence”.

“Our intention is and has always been to highlight the seriousness and social costs of these issues, and take an immersive and proactive approach towards action,” it says.

“We believe that our space that combines mental, physical and social stimulation will be a catalyst for impact amongst the men of our community. Impact that is not reactive but also preventative.

“We look forward to continuing this conversation on how we as a society can address these serious issues in a way that builds and grows.”

Following the controversy, the female CEO of River City Labs, Peta Ellis, has said she doesn’t have a problem with “male-only” co-working spaces.

“If they are satisfying a need and coming up with a solution then I have no problem with it,” she said.

She did not, however, agree the with men’s “under-educated description” of domestic violence. Read more on that here.

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