A Former Twitter Executive Just Swept His Wife And Children Away For A 3-Month Costa Rica Sabbatical

Sean Garrett Costa Rica familySean Garrett took his wife and two children to Costa Rica for a three month sabbatical

Photo: SGlostcontrol.tumblr.com

Twitter’s former VP of Communications, Sean Garrett, just returned from three months in Costa Rica.His wife quit her job as an up-and-coming financial executive for the trip.

Naturally, the experience was amazing — so amazing that Garrett thinks everyone should make it a priority to take a three month leave of absence to a tropical paradise.

“I know what you are thinking. I can’t do that,” Garrett writes on his blog. “My job/kid’s school/financial situation/home remodel won’t let me. And, it’s probably true. They won’t — because you have established one or more of these things as your priorities already. My suggestion is to make taking a sabbatical a top priority and then have other things in your life work around it.”

While a sabbatical sounds like a career killer, Garrett believes it’s one of the best things you can do for your job. After 20 years in the workforce, Garrett’s trip has given him a fresh perspective and it’s made him excited to get back to the daily grind.

“I was able to think more deeply (and slowly) about communications and where the world is headed than in the previous couple years combined,” he writes. “I learned that this slow thinking is essential to being optimally strategic and creative in communications and won’t enter into a future situation where thoughts are only fast and ephemeral. I spent enough time away to get excited again about digging into work after 20+ years of cumulative impact. And, mostly, I was able to get perspective.”

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