A former Facebook exec, now at Instagram, says doing these 2 things will strengthen your social media game

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When it comes to devising a killer social media strategy to get your business recognised, Jim Squires knows a things or two.

Having formerly worked as the director of product marketing at Facebook, and playing a key role in the introduction of sponsored content in News Feed and mobile, Squires is now the director of market operations at Instagram, where he focuses on ads product development.

He is also the former director of product management at Yahoo, where he developed the company’s video and entertainment products.

Basically, this guy is a master of his trade.

Jim Squires. Photo: LinkedIn.

When Business Insider sat down with Squires ahead the launch of Instagram Business Tools and asked what tips he had for businesses to help them win at social media, Squires said it was important to “think through to the end user experience and mindset of people in the community”.

“Build content that will represent your brand and also resonate in that environment. When marketers aren’t thinking through that they will not get the best result,” he said, adding that being short-sighted and focusing on gaining likes and comments can be a downfall.

“Like and comments are good for getting a rough feel for the types of content that people are interested in but it’s not an end business objective to get a bunch of likes and comments,” he said.

“It’s worth thinking about what you’re trying to achieve… are you trying to get foot traffic, are you trying to drive the purchasing of a product? If you’re creative towards that it will help you achieve great success on the platform.

“I was on the Facebook side for a number of years, working on our ads product and a lot of the lessons I was talking through about understanding the mindset of the consumer and being focused on business objectives, those are learnings that apply to the Instagram side as well.

“They are separate platforms, they’re used differently, but the concepts of being in the mindset of the consumer and being focused on your business objectives (remains the same).”

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