A former British intelligence expert has joined Australia's cyber security taskforce

Photo: Getty Images

Sir Iain Lobban KCMG CB, the former director of the United Kingdom’s government communications headquarters, will join the independent panel of experts that is advising the Abbott government on its review of Australia’s cyber security.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said Lobban’s experience will be “extremely valuable” in the shaping of Australia’s strategy to better protect the country’s networks from cyber attack.

“Australia faces real and growing cyber threats,” he said.

“Since I announced the Government’s cyber security review late last year, the Australian Cyber Security Centre has responded to 164 incidents involving government agencies and helped businesses respond to 2,981 incidents. There are many more incidents that businesses have managed themselves.”

The other experts of the Review panel include the CEO of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco Systems in the United States, John Stewart, the Chief Information Security Officer at Telstra, Mike Burgess, and the Director of the International Cyber Policy Centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Tobias Feakin.

The Cyber Security Review will be completed in mid-2015.

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