Forklift Dumps $1 Million Worth Of Wine All Over Australian Port

wine bottles

Photo: James Cridland via Flickr

Talk about a bad day.Australian wine maker Sparky Marquis is reeling from the loss of 461 cases of McLaren Vale Shiraz that were shattered after a forklift dropped them 20 feet, reports The Australian.

The forklift glitch left $1 million worth of red wine on the ground and Marquis with a third less of his annual wine stock.

The bottles weren’t cheap either; they sell for around $185 each. They were being shipped from Adelaide to the U.S.

According to The Telegraph, the bottles fell with such an impact that they punctured the tops of the cartons they were being transported in.

Sparky Marquis told The Australian, “So how do I feel? Gut-wrenched, shocked, numb.”

He’s reportedly working with his insurers to be compensated for the loss.

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