A solution for Greece could be found in 'just one night'

Greece finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, speaking to Germany’s Bild newspaper, suggests it would only take one night to come up with an acceptable agreement to secure the nation’s finances, according to a report from Reuters.

“Varoufakis said that he believed it could be possible for Greece to reach an agreement with creditors quickly. He said the only way Greece would be able to repay its debts is if there is a restructuring and a deal could be possible if Chancellor Angela Merkel took part in the talks”, according to the report.

Varoufakis ruled out asking for additional funding, suggesting Greece didn’t want “any more money”, arguing that both Germany and other eurozone nations had already given “far too much” to the nation.

Ruling out a ‘Grexit’ as a sensible solution to resolving the debt crisis, Varoufakis suggested that “an agreement could be reached in one night. But the chancellor would have to take part.”

The idea that a solution could be found in just one night, after years of Greece rattling financial markets through protracted bailout negotiations, has already been parodied as demonstrated by this tweet from RANsquawk earlier today.

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