A Fight Nearly Broke Out Between New York Jets Linebacker Bart Scott And A Reporter Today

Bart Scott

Photo: Screengrab

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott, who has been determined to boycott the media since early this season, has now found himself in the news.According to NY Post writer Bart Hubbuch, Scott and reporter Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential nearly came to blows in the Jets locker room this afternoon.

Scott was set off when the reporter tried to take a picture of him as he was leaving the room.

According to Hubbuch, it was the second time in a week that Leberfeld has tried to snap a picture of Scott.

The altercation is the latest episode in the never-ending drama that is known as the New York Jets.

Here’s the incident as seen through the eyes of New York Post NFL writer Bart Hubbuch:

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