A Finance Guy Used This Creepy Spreadsheet To Monitor All His Online Dating Possibilities

We all know about finance types and their penchant for spreadsheets. Here at Clusterstock, we’ve known bankers with spreadsheets that run the gamut, including—spring break packing lists, progress in weekly pick-up games of basketball, CFA studying progress, etc etc.

So we weren’t too surprised when Dealbreaker posted this spreadsheet from a “financial services employee” with pictures, ages, numerical assessments of hotness and creepy comments on what to monitor on the girls he had met on an online service.

What did shock us, however, is that the guy had to audacity to send it to one of the prospects (who we then assume passed it on to Dealbreaker). Though, in his defence, the girl he passed it on to was ranked on the top of the list. Perhaps he thought she would be flattered?

According to Deadspin, the guy’s name is Dave. And their sister site Jezebel has spoken to Dave and some of the girls on the spreadsheet. Dave told Jezebel that the spreadsheet was “an honest attempt to stay organised” because he was so busy.

Here’s the spreadsheet in all its glory, note that names and pictures have been redacted and edited by Dealbreaker (click to enlarge)—

Dealbreaker spreadsheet online dating

Photo: Dealbreaker

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