A favour To Ask

** From my weekly newsletter to TheLadders.com subscribers **

Last week, I took you on a tour of TheLadders headquarters in New York City. Thank you for the thousands and thousands of comments, compliments and questions you sent back. To answer just three: yes, we all work together in an open environment, including the executive team; no, we are not all under 40 years of age (yours truly is on the “graying & distinguished” side of that line); and yes, three monitors really and truly are fantastic (and cheap!)

So each year, after taking you on a little photographic tour, I ask a favour in return:

Would you mind sending us a photo of yourself for our walls here at TheLadders headquarters?

You see, we work all day on the internet, which means we don’t get to see you, our customers, in person. And what with the long hours, heartfelt dedication and total commitment to seeing you land your next gig, it makes an enormous difference to us when we can put a face with the, ummm, email address.

So I’d like to ask you to do me a favour and send along a high-resolution photo of yourself to [email protected].

Each year, about 10,000 subscribers like you send in their photos, and they now grace our walls, hallways and conference rooms. Our favourites have included the Marine in Iraq on a camel, the sportsman with a turkey, the subscriber who crossed the Alps on a bicycle in an eight-stage road race, and the loads and loads of pictures we get of families — at holidays, on vacations, at Opening Day (hint-hint), or just hanging out. Understanding that we are responsible for helping you and your family really hits home with the team here at TheLadders.

Oh, and please be sure to include a little blurb — your name, hometown, your profession, and how you’re using TheLadders for your career — when you send your pics along to [email protected].

We post your pictures along our walls and in our conference rooms to give our people a daily look at the folks we are helping. You can imagine how powerful it is during meetings when our customer is right there in the room with us.

Please note, we just use these photos here at our headquarters and would never use them in any other way without asking your permission.

So please send along your high-resolution photo — we print them out at 8″ x 10″ size. It would mean a lot to me and to the team, and we’ll “see” you soon!

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