A Fantastic Explanation For Why Darwin Is Officially Australia's Hardest Working City

Photo: Getty/Quinn Rooney

Asked which city in Australia had the hardest working residents, you’d be forgiven for not immediately throwing Darwin in the mix.

But, according to ABS figures, people who live there work the longest hours, have the highest level of household employment, and the city has the lowest level of joblessness in Australia.

The head of Charles Darwin University School of Business Ram Vemuri explained to News Corp Australia why this isn’t, in fact, surprising:

“They come for a job, stay on for a job, and if they don’t have a job anymore, they leave,” he said.

“In Melbourne or in Sydney you’ll have people who have been there for quite some time, looking for jobs but they can’t find a job, and they’re still hanging around in Sydney.

“But Darwin is not just fly-in fly-out – it’s job seek-in, job seek-out.”

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