Here's what a famous Australian hedge fund is looking for in its next graduate recruit

John Hempton, the Sydney-based hedge fund manager who has a cult following in the global investment community, is hiring.

Hempton is a former Treasury official who went on to work at Kerr Nielsen’s Platinum Asset Management before setting up Bronte Capital.

He’s posted a long job specification on his widely-read Bronte Capital Blog. What’s interesting is that you need no training in finance or a background in investing.

Instead Hempton, whose clients include some US hedge funds, is looking for who is curious about the world, can handle data, and has a solid science education.

From the post:

Our dream candidate has a ridiculous list of skills and we understand that nobody will have all of these. However we are interested in candidates who have some of the following:

(a). Curiosity – especially about the workings of business and technology. Our interests are very diverse. If you are curious about what determines jet engine efficiency that is interesting to us. If you are curious about how hair dye is marketed that is also interesting to us.

(b). Competent science education. We would prefer a science based degree to a finance/economics based education (even though our ideal candidate has both). What we really want is a bullshit detector – and that can be numeric (as in the numbers make no sense) or scientific (as in that is flat nonsense and here is the falsification) or a combination of both.

(c). Languages. We are a global fund but we have shortcomings in some jurisdictions where English is not the primary language. We have a Mandarin speaker in the team already. However German, French and Japanese would be looked on favourably as we lack these skills and they would be useful.

(d). Enough computer skills to handle the odd largish data project (though our first hire also had considerable computer skills).

(e). Demonstrated interest in the investment process.

We are grade sensitive. Unless you have at least a handful of Distinction grades in a variety of subjects you are unlikely to get the job. We do not require high grade averages. Someone with a handful of High Distinctions in subjects in which they are interested and otherwise pass grades might be a good hire so long as their interests overlap with ours. Curiosity – even in grades and subject selection is valued.

The full post’s here.

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