People are tweeting their rage at Scalia -- but they're making one crucial mistake

People are furious with Justice Antonin Scalia’s remarks in the dissenting opinion he drafted on today’s landmark Supreme Court decision to legalise gay marriage, so they’re tweeting at him about it.

The only issue: the account in question, @SCOTUS_Scalia, is clearly a parody.

Scalia did not mince words in his dissent, calling the decision a “threat to American democracy,” and saying the Court’s reasoning resembles the “mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.” 

This angered plenty of gay marriage proponents. Some of them took to Twitter to mock the Justice with gifs, while others tried to take it up with the man himself via @SCOTUS_Scalia.

They probably should have read the account’s About Me first, though, which says, “Standing athwart history yelling get off my lawn. (This is a parody account, in case you thought he could work Twitter.)”


Here are some of the angry tweets that people think they’re sending to Scalia:



These Twitter users probably didn’t take a look at the account they were tweeting to, otherwise they would have noticed a few tweets the Justice is unlikely to have authored. 



Alas, most Twitter users are blissfully unaware that they’re communicating with a fake account.

One Twitter user was thrilled when he thought he was retweeted by a real Supreme Court Justice.


This isn’t the first time the mistake has been made. 

Representative Steve Scalise, the Republican majority whip, once tweeted a picture to the parody account. 




His tweet was mysteriously deleted a week later.


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