A Fairfax Journalist Has Joined The Ranks Of People Fired For Online Sprays

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A senior Fairfax journalist has been fired for writing a critical opinion piece for Crikey in which he accused the Australian Financial Review of soft business reporting.

Paddy Manning, a senior business reporter, was speaking out against the planned merger of BusinessDay sections in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald into the Financial Review group, also owned by Fairfax Media, reports ABC News.

In the article, Manning said the AFR exchanged soft reporting for high-level access, and that many Australian business leaders don’t respect the publication for it.

He also called a new sponsored editorial section “rubbishy”.

Read more about Manning’s dismissal here.

It’s not the first time someone has been shown the door after speaking ill of their employer.

In November last year, British news service The BBC sacked two staff members for misusing Twitter, The Telegraph reported.

The move came after The BBC imposed an informal ban, via internal email, on speaking about its “problems” publicly, according to The Telegraph’s Louisa Peacock. .

In February this year a Seattle coffee shop fired one of its baristas/ part-time rapper who started a blog in which he ripped on his customers, Fox News reported.

The barista, Matt Watson was posting anonymously, and didn’t name the cafe. But blog Sprudge.com outed him.

In 2004, a Delta Airlines stewardess was canned for posting photos of herself in uniform on a personal blog, which she styled as a “diary of a flight attendant”. More at The New York Times.

A Houston Chronicle reporter Steve Olafson was fired in 2003, after he started his own news blog, writing under the byline Banjo Jones. His editor told him that he was “appalled,” according to Nieman Reports.

Allure Media, Business Insider Australia’s publishing company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fairfax Media.

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