A Faint Glimmer Of Hope That Greece Might Form A Government?

Alexis Tsipras

Photo: PIAZZA del POPOLO, Flickr

Today is probably the last day for Greece to form a government, before it is forced to call for brand new elections in mid-June.The assumption was that the Greek President would meet with the PASOK, New Democracy, and Democratic Left parties, but not with the left-wing SYRIZAT party, which is seen as being in the driver’s seat in the next election.

But it seems that perhaps the SYRIZAT party might be willing to meet still according to Ekathimerini and other  outlets.

This isn’t much to hang on, but the fact that there are some conversations still ongoing is a vague sign that something still might  happen today in terms of forming a government and averting a new election. We’ll see.

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