A Drunk Chinese Couple Reportedly Buried An Elderly Woman Alive After Running Her Over

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Chinese police have arrested a couple accused of burying an elderly woman alive, after running her down with their car, Reuters reported.The couple, who were reportedly drunk, believed they had killed the 68-year-old when they crashed into her on their way home from an all night karaoke session on April 30.

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Police said the woman was buried at a construction site in the city of Yuyao, in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

It is understood that the couple, both aged 25, told a witness they would take the woman to hospital, after putting her in the car.

However, the China Daily reported that the couple chose to bury the woman instead, believing she was no longer alive, and to avoid being charged with drink-driving.

A local police spokesman told the China Daily: “It is certain the woman was not dead when buried,” adding that she had suffocated to death.

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The case has ignited public outrage in China, where a two-year-old girl was ignored by passers by last October, after being run down by a van at a market in Guandong province.

A year earlier in Xian, north-western China, a young woman was stabbed to death by a music student who had run her down by accident.

Users of Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, have criticised what they called China’s declining standards of morality, Reuters reported.

“People of China, how have you come to this?” wrote one user, while another said that such incidents “show that our society really has huge problems it is not facing.” 

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