A Drone Captured This Photo Of A Huge Shark Swimming Just Metres Away From Surfers North Of Sydney

Image: Facebook.

Drones with GoPro cameras mounted on them have been capturing some incredible footage recently.

This photo of a huge shark chasing a big school of fish about 50 metres off the Central Coast’s Kilcare Beach was taken by Tom Caska last week.

The stand-up paddle board in the photo is about 9ft long which gives an indication of just how spine shiveringly big the shark was.

Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine reported Caska was filming his brother Andrew Caska who was oblivious of what was swimming just metres from him.

“Andie had a heart attack when he saw this. Possibly a Tiger or white. very large either way. Scary stuff!!!” says Caska.

There’s no confirmation yet on what type of shark it is but there have been a few sightings off the Central Coast in recent weeks including a Great White sighting in Lake Macquarie, The Newcastle Herald reported.

Here’s Riptide’s Facebook post.

A drone captured some incredible footage of about 30 dolphins surfing a wave in Australia earlier this year. More on that here.

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