A driving instructor was killed when this Lamborghini crashed on a track in Florida

A driving instructor was killed in a crash this weekend at a track at Disneyworld in Florida, AP reported.

The instructor was guiding a driver around the Exotic Driving Experience track when the Lamborghini the men were in struck a guard rail. The instructor, 36-year-old Gary Terry, died at the scene, according to AP.

The driver, 24-year-old Tavon Watson, was treated and released from a hospital, the news service reported.

The Exotic Driving Experience is operated by Petty Holdings, affiliated with NASCAR champion Richard Petty. For $US339-389, drivers could take to the track in one of the Orlando operations two Lamborghinis.

“Get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as one of our professional instructors takes you for a supercar Thrill Ride … buckle up and hold on!” the Exotic Driving Experience says on its website.

Supercars are priced far out the reach of the average consumer. But in recent years, various businesses have emerged that enable customers to sample these fast, powerful machines, if only for a few laps or hours.

In some cases, customers can take relatively sedate drives on private roads. In others, professional driving instructors on closed tracks will assist customers in managing the unique demands of high-performance cars. The Lamborghini reportedly involved in the accident was capable of hitting a top speed of approximately 200 mph.

No reason was given for the Orlando crash — other than that the driver lost control — but AP reported that the tragedy would be investigated.

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