A Doomsday Prediction Of A Huge Looming Market Crash Because The Movie Wall Street 2 Is Coming Out Soon

wall street 2

Remember the one-day 23% crash of 1987? That happened right before the release of Oliver Stone’s first Wall Street.

So now that a second one is coming out, Paul B Ferrell from MarketWatch says take this as a cue, Wall Streeters. Another huge crash is coming and this time, it may mean the end of Wall Street for good. 

Think about it, Ferrell says, why else would Stone release his movie now? Because he’s speaking for the “unconcious soul” of the American spirit. And he is saying, “It’s the collapse of capitalism and the collapse of our society. It is. Our way of life is going to change,” (from Stone’s interview in Vanity Fair).

It’s a wacky idea, but the 1980s had their conspiracy theorists, too.

“People accused me of being a genius who predicted the stock-market crash of 1987. I didn’t predict the stock-market crash. I had no idea,” (also from Stone’s interview in Vanity Fair).

Is this supposed to make us glad the movie’s release has been delayed nearly six months?

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