A Doctor Absolutely Demolished This Russian Nissan Showroom

Early yesterday, a video surfaced of an apparently deranged man ramming a Suzuki into a Russian Nissan dealership.

And now it seems we know part of his motivation.

According to The Daily Mail, the man, Dr. Kustov Michael, was left in the waiting area for nearly 20 minutes before he could pick up his fixed car.

It seems that may have been enough for Dr. Michael, an obstetrician who is also a regular customer of the dealership, to go ballistic. The video shows him driving back and forth outside the building before going on his rampage.

He rammed the Suzuki into the dealer for three whole minutes while salespeople and customers looked on in horror. One person tried to stop him by tapping on the rear window, but clearly that polite approach wasn’t enough to make him stop.

Dr. Michael is now under house arrest and, as you would expect, is facing a number of criminal charges.

Check out the carnage below (YouTube via The Daily Mail):

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