A Divorce That Won’t Cost Sumner Billions


Fortunately for Viacom and CBS shareholders, Sumner Redstone seems to be on pretty good terms with his second ex-wife. The New York Post spotted Sumner and Paula Fortunato, together at Museum benefit in LA.

The main reason the Viacom and CBS overlord is in so much hot water over debt is that he had to pay the first ex-wife he divorced a $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion settlement.

Incredibly, Sumner re-married after footing that bill, and in October of this year, he divorced again.

Lucky for shareholders hurt by Sumner’s emergency Viacom and CBS sell-off last fall, this split seems like it will be much less costly. The pair are still friends.

Page Six: SUMNER Redstone and Paula Fortunato filed for divorce last October. Two months later, she bought a five-bedroom house in Beverly Hills for $4.15 million. But the split must be very amicable. The two were at the LA County Museum of Art the other night as museum chief Michael Govan, his wife Katherine Ross and Arianna Huffington co-hosted a party for marketing guru Linda Resnick and her book “Rubies in the Orchard.”