A Divorce Lawyer Says A Lot Of Unfaithful Spouses Will Be Caught By Texting On Christmas


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A divorce lawyer says that the No. 1 way that unfaithful spouses are caught is through text messages or other electronic communications on Christmas.Typically, the cheating spouse will leave a phone around the house when the lover is sending holiday messages, reports Iain Thomson of The Register, based on an interview with Britain’s top divorce lawyer, Ayesha Vardag.

“When people are discovered in adultery, rather than coming clean and saying that they are in a relationship, it tends to be through mobile phones and emails,”┬áVardag said.

Vardag speculates that one reason this happens so frequently is because the adulterous spouse secretly wants to get caught. “I do wonder whether there is an element of people wanting to get caught because it is an easier way of dealing with it than saying that they want to leave,” she said.